Linguistics Workshop

Marija PetrovicThe objectives of Linguistics Workshop : developing linguistic resources in their native language, expand vocabulary, dramatized tales, practicing grammar and logical- semantic structure, developing the capacity for free and creative expression, encouraging authentic style of expression, the expression of personal views and assessments, agreement, disagreement, various forms of polemic dialogue, know how to listen to each other, reading and writing. We work with materials of fairytales, people's art, poetry, prose, painting. The entire program is conducted through the game and emotionally engaging children .

The workshop is led by Marija Petrovic - Professor of Literature.



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Musical Workshop

Milena Miladinović

The goal of the Musical Workshop: developing love for music and theater through the games as a cognitive activity in children, the intellectual, emotional and social development, but also the development of creativity and imagination. At the Musical workshop children deal with recapitulating the knowledge acquired in previous trips, all through a musical, adapted to their age and singing abilities. Recap takes place through kinesthetic, acting, character and singing elements, that make up the musical genre.
The workshop is held by Milena Miladinovic - a music teacher.




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Painting Workshop

Ivana Milovanovic

Objectives of the art workshop are: mastering the basic concepts of painting, distemper, making the characters in the children's world of different materials: wax, water, tempera. Animator painter.
The workshop is led by Tatjana Ilic - painter , Ivana Milovnovic - painter and Dana Bacevic - mozaičar.





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Acting Workshop

Srdjan Ivanovic 1

The objectives of Acting Workshop are : the story of the theater, playing, imagination, costumes, atmosphere, movement, mime, role play and children's symbolic play, fairy tale , tags, alphabet, the subject matter activities, games, speeches, stage combat, linking gesture, speech and activities, enrichment of knowledge about children's cases and situations, telling fairy tales, art, drama and literary treatment, each participant has their own version of a fairy tale, encouraging literary, artistic, dramatic, fairytales creation, display and exhibition . Animator programs actor - narrator .
Workshop is led by Srdjan Ivanovic - actor and Ivana Milovanovic - Actress.




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Workshop for making costumes and puppets

Branka Sisinacki

Objectives of Workshop for making costumes and puppets are: to train the children in making and using the game stage puppets, develop curiosity, originality, openness, spontaneity and communication skills.
The workshop is led by Branka Sisanicki - Obradovic - painter, sculptor and costume designer, Dunja Obradovic and Srdjan Ivanovic - Actor.





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Organization and development of the interior and exterior Workshop

Dunja Obradovic

The objectives of Organization and development of the interior and exterior Workshop are: creation of a sense of distinguishing objects in real size and objects that represent models, sense of decorating the exterior as well as interior and making a difference in materials that we are using for coating the external surface, and we use the inner lining.
The theme of this workshop is a small town. We use a variety of natural materials, especially cardboard boxes of various sizes. We are making: cardboard roofs, windows, doors. Children are coloring facades and roofs, decorated them, and thus learning different shapes, textures and sizes.
The workshop is by led Dunja Obradovic - interior architecture graduate.



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Healthy nutrition Workshop

Sanja Loncarevic

The objectives of Healthy nutrition workshop are: At the workshop "Eat healthy - be nice and smart", children will learn which food is good and which is bad, which are the basic food groups, which are essential ingredients in foods that make us beautiful and smart, when we should eat and how much, and all this in a creative way, drawing the food pyramid and designing all five meals a day. Join us, there will be a lot of fruits and vegetables, and maybe some candy :) .
The workshop is led by Sanja Loncarevic - graduate pharmacist.




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Yoga Workshop

Snezana Andjelkovic

The objectives of Yoga Workshop are: to learn the techniques of building focus and attention, maintain and build healthy and flexible spine, strengthen: nervous, digestive, endocrine, respiratory, skeletal and muscular systems, build coordination and balance, build awareness of breathing, creativity and fun, build awareness of nature and the environment.
We are using: cards with pictures of animals, rugs, paper and crayons, music sounds of nature, birds chirping, the sound of waves ...
The workshop is led by Snezana Andjelkovic - certificated yoga instructor by Federation of Serbia




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Development of motor skills Workshop

Danijela Vukicevic

The objectives of Development of motor skills workshop are : The program with children would involve mastering motor skills through polygons that require different forms of movement (running, cross the obstacles, broaching, ball handling, overcoming unstable surface , turning , rapid response to movement on verbal order). The aim of this kind of stimulation is to improve the awareness of one's own body, the position of the body in space. These activities are necessary basis for learning orientation on paper, writing, reading and mathematics.
Workshop is led by Dr. Daniel Vukicevic - a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation




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Care and hygiene of the body Workshop

Olivera Andonovic

The objectives of Care and hygiene of the body Workshop are: the formation of positive hygiene habits as early as possible in order to implement good hygiene practices leading to preservation of health and the Prevention of Disease. The method of operation is a short introductory lecture on current topics on the schedule in the form of children's animation and then group discussions.
The workshop is led by Dr.. Olivera Andonović - dermatologist.





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Ecological Workshop

Ruzica GrbicThe goal of the Environmental awareness Workshop: introducing preschool and school-age children with basic ecological terms, the problems of waste disposal and the procedures of how the waste can be reused, through creative games and encourage them to actively participate in the preservation of the environment.
The area that we will deal with is ECOLOGY and the subject that we will devote ourselves is recycling, for the playful imagination of children, under the expert guidance, can greatly contribute to improving the environmental awareness of all of us.
Workshop is held by Ruzica Grbic - Engineer of Environmental Protection.



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