Program of the Association for Education "Volim prirodu"

Program of the Association for Education "Volim prirodu"

The Association's objectives:

  • Gaining general knowledge about nature and natural phenomena;
  • The practical application of knowledge through experimentation and constructive time spent in nature ;
  • Diverting children's attention from nature to technology ;
  • Acquiring new knowledge and developing skills in children through the work of creative workshops ;
  • Support in learning teaching contents in " The World Around Us " and " Nature and Society" ;
  • The organization and playing of the old, forgotten children's games . 


The age categories:
The Association works with children 4-10 years old .


Plan of the Association:
Classes are held twice a week for 45 or 60 min, depending on the age of children. Field trips are organized every Saturday, with a focus on spending time outdoors whenever weather conditions allow.

Professional team:
Our expert team consists of highly educated staff, that is trained to work with different age groups of children. That is, for ages 4 to 7 years we have a daycare teacher, and for ages 7 to 10 years, a primary school teacher. Koordinator of the organized field trips is Marina Kockar, a tourism expert . 


Implementation of the program:

On several locations in Beogrda.

The curriculum:
It is anticipated that the program is implemented on an annual basis, each month there is a different theme, designed according to the children's age:

September - Flora

Octobar - The animal world

November - Climate and climate change

December - The universe

January - Rocks and minerals

February - Releif and landforms

March - Water and aquatic life

April - Getting around in nature

May - Protected natural goods of Serbia

Jun - Environmental protection, sustainable development and healthy diet

July/August - Around the World in 60 days


Methods and forms of work:
The basic idea for ​​the implementation of this program is that the children, trough work with us, spend some time getting educated in class-workshops, and to spend the rest of their time in nature, applying the knowledge they gained. We think that it is very important for children to be more in nature, where we will help them to further develop the ability to observe, cope in nature and understand many phenomena, as well as to identificate of cause-effect relationships. Classes (in field trips and in our classes)  is organized in the form of various forms and methods that will encourage maximum participation by children. Our work is in a form of individual work, pair work, group work, frontal shape of work, we are using dialogue and monologue method, demonstrations and practical methods and laboratory tasks .


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