Our Team

Our Team


Milena NikolićMilena Nikolic was born on February 26th,1980. in Kraljevo. In 2004, she graduated from the Faculty of Geography with a score of 10 on the department Spatial Planning. In 2007. at the same university she defended master's thesis on the topic of space - functional organization of Kraljevo, with a score of 10. In 2011 she defended her doctoral dissertation on the same faculty on the development and organization of the network of central settlements in the example of the functional areas of Kraljevo - regional planning aspect, also with a score of 10. She took participation in numerous scientific and professional conferences in the country and abroad. Her works were publised in a number of leading national and international journals. From 01.02.2005. she gaind a researcher scholarship - scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of Republic of Serbia. Work experience she gained, starting operations in Telenor DOO Belgrade, on jobs of legislation. In 2008 she became an assistant at the Faculty of Science of the University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitrovica in the geographical department and in 2012 she was appointed as an assistant professor in the same University. She has participated in the implementation of the international project "Savska komisija" in 2012. She is also a member of associate spatial planners of Serbia.


Srdjan Ivanovic 1

Srdjan Ivanovic was born on May 20th,1970 in Zemun. He graduated in 1999 from the Academy of Arts, Department of acting, in class of prof. Mirjana Karanovic. He is married and has two daughters. Roles in the theater : JDP : "Salome" , "Leonce and Lena" , "Waiting for Godot" , "A Flea in Her Ear" National Theatre : Idiot , "Midsummer Night's Dream", "Life is a Dream"; Theatre T: "Comedy of Errors"; Zvezdara Theatre: "A great lover of style" and many others. Film: "Everything for the people", "Konji vrani"; Roles on television: "Secret Agent Izzy", "Love , Habit, Panic", "Family Treasure" , "Karađorđe" , "Our little clinic" , " cook for babies " and many others . He has participated in festivals in : Skoholomu , London , Bologna, Skopje, Sofia , Herceg Novi , Vrnjačkoj Banja and Nis. He has made numerous radio plays and radio / TV advertising.




Marina Kockar

 Marina Kockar, maiden Novakovic was born on April 14th, 1985 in Zemun. In 2004 she graduated from Tourism high school in New Belgrade. In 2009 she graduated from the School for Tourism, Novi Beograd, Department of Economics of Tourism. She has many years of experience in tourism, particularly in the field of children and youth tourism. She worked in a travel agency "Cepelintours". She also has many years of experiance in acting. She is married and a mother to a boy Filip.






Natasa Ciric

 Ciric Natasa Zivkovic, born 22.04.1966.u Belgrade, class teaching with full time employment in the Primary School ,, King Alexander '' in New Belgrade. She graduated from the Teachers College in Belgrade with a score of 10, was honored as one of the four best student in a generation. The holder of numerous awards for directing, set design, costume dramas at the festival theater companies organized by Friends of the Children of Belgrade. The author of the program for professional development of teachers ,, Pictures and stage plays as a small children's projects in clasess'' and one of the participants of the program ,, Objectivity of observation '' supported by the Association of Psychologists of Serbia. Author of a blog about teaching ,, My thumbnails '. One of the authors of professional work ,, It was one of the country Serbia' 'that are listed in the Knowledge Base ,, Creative School'. The mother of three children. 


Jelena Mihajlović Andrić

 J elena Mihajlovic Andric was born on November 14th, 1983. in Valjevo, where she obtained elementary and secondary education. She graduated from the Faculty of Teachers Education, University of Belgrade with the title: Teacher for class teaching. She is regularly employed in the elementary school "14. Oktobar", in Rakovica, Belgrade. She is a member of the Student Association and the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Teachers Education since 2003. She is a member of the city choir "Abrašević" in Valjevo since 1999. She is working in the workshop "Open Doors" and is a co-ordinator of projects "School without violence" and "Professional orientation- on the way to transition to high school," as well as a coach and coordinator of the international project "Circle of friends", "Support for social inclusion of children with disabilities" at the level of Serbia.




Зорица Кошанин

 Zorica Košanin was born July 1th,1973. in Kraljevo, where she obtained elementary and secondary education. She graduated from the Faculty of Teachers Education, University of Belgrade with the title of Teacher for class teaching. Until 2000, she worked at the elementary school "Stefan Nemanja" in Studenica. Since 2000 she is permanently employed in the elementary school "14. Oktobar", Rakovica, Belgrade. She has continuos professional advanced training within the institution where she works and beyond. She has attended a large number of seminars as a listener, participant, and several forums as a lecturer. She has participated in projects of great importance to the institutions and the wider community: '' School without violence '', and''Circle of Friends'.





Nadežda Cica Aleksić  Nadezhda Aleksic, born 27.04.1954.godine in Cacak. Graduated educator. She graduated from the Pedagogical Academy for teacher training in Beorad, 1977. From 1978 - 2000 teacher in preschool institution "Čukarica" kindergarten "Sun", "Daydreamer", "Veseljko", "Children's grove" and "Rainbow". From 2000 - 2013 Head of the kindergarten "Rainbow". Mother son Mark.