Institutions and associates

JKP "Zelenilo Beograd"

Logo Zelenilo"Zelenilo - Beograd" is a public utility company that performs activities of planning and maintening of public green spaces, maintenance of public sanitary facilities, supporting the production and repairs of parks, sports and other facilities, production of flowers, ornamental plants and seedlings in the park-forests.
Communal activities of JKP "Zelenilo Beograd" is provided in the ten city municipalities: Vozdovac, Vracar, Zvezdara, Zemun, Novi Beograd, Novi Beograd, Rakovica, Savski Venac, Stari Grad and Cukarica.
In addition to these public utilities, company carries out activities that are in a function of public utilities: arranging new parks, green and recreational areas, trade of flowers (to a lesser extent), planting material, seeding goods, plant protection products, etc., creating of planning, investment and technical documentation for planning and reconstruction of existing parks, green and recreational areas and associated facilities and equipment.


Лого АирСербиаWe are the national airline of the Republic of Serbia. We are transfering guests and goods from Belgrade to the USA, Euro-Mediterranean and Middle Eastern destinations. We offer shuttle service to overseas and international destinations in Asia, Australia and the Americas through our code-share partners and thanks to our strategic partner with a share in the property, Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. We are the member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Air Serbia started to operate in 2013 and is the legal successor of the company Aeroput (1927), Yugoslav Airlines (1947) and Jat Airways (2003).

Children's cultural center Majdan

Logo MajdanAll children are artists! - Pablo Picasso

"Majdan" was founded on the principle of children's rights to culture and art and it is dedicated to developing educational, cultural, artistic, sports and recreational programs with particular attention to the movement as a form of expression.
"Majdan" collaborates with key stakeholders in the lives of children looking for a way to connect and share special knowledge with teachers, parents, artists, cultural organizations and policy makers. This way, we are helping all the children in "Savski Venac" area as well as in Belgrade, to have easier access to quality cultural experiences. By staying in "Majdan", playing, participating in the activities of the center, in their own, unique way children are learning more about themselves and thus develop their own specific skills and abilities .
Children's Cultural Center "Majdan" is a cultural institution founded by the City Municipality of Savski Venac. It was founded as a pioneering center in 1973 and has a long tradition of children's cultural programs.
The mission of the Children's Cultural Center "Majdan" is to set the standard and develop children's culture, through cooperation with local, regional and international organizations of a similar type.

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Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia

Logo RHMZ Adopting the justified request of Prof. Milan Nedeljkovic, Minister of Education and Religion, Dr Vladan Djordjevic passed on 27 September 1888 the Regulation on the establishment of unified network of meteorological stations in the Kingdom of Serbia.
That marks the foundation of national meteorological service in Serbia. 

Regular meteorological measuring started even before that date. Vladimir Jaksic, Professor in Secondary School, started on 1 January 1848 in Belgrade, on his plot in the part of city called Senjak, regular measuring of temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind and air pressure.




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Logo SrbijavodeIn Article 227 of Law about Waters ( "Official Gazette of RS ", no . 30/10 and 93 /12) it was determined that on this date, the old Law about Waters ( "Official Gazette of RS ", no . No. 46/91 , 53/93- other law , 67/93-other , 48/94-other , 54/ 96 and 101/05-other law ), stopped beeing valid, except for the provisions of Art . 81 to 96 (Chapter VII . PWMC ) , and the provisions of Art. 99 -107 . Law, the 1.01.2011 . year.





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Logo Srbija sumeSE "Srbijašume" is an up-to-date, European-profiled company that carries out the strategy of integral management of forests and other wooded land based on sustainable development.

Forests contribute to alleviating climate change by storing carbon in forest biomass (trunks, branches, leaves, roots as well as soil) and by producing oxygen. They reduce increasing global warming. Serbian forests are managed sustainably, in a way and to an extent enabling permanent maintenance and enhancement of their production capacity, biodiversity, regenerative ability and vitality, which in both present and future makes possible the fulfillment of economic, environmental and social functions of forests whileas the surrounding ecosystems are not harmed.



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Serbian institute for nature conservation

Logo ZZZPInstitute for Nature Conservation of Serbia is a professional institution that carries out activities on protection and improvement of the natural heritage of Serbia. The Institute was founded on April 30th 1948 as the Institute for Protection and Scientific Research in Natural Rarities of the People's Republic of Serbia.
The establishment of the Institute followed adopting certain legal acts in the field of nature conservation, such as the Law on the Protection of Cultural Monuments and Natural Rarities of the Democratic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1946, as well as a series of discussions, planning and analyses of different ecological problems and general condition of living and non-living nature in Serbia after World War II. The work of professor and academician Siniša Stanković was a particular stimulus to institutional organization in the field of ecology. The activities of the most important institutions in Serbia in the field of nature conservation, such as the Natural History Museum, The Institute of Ecology and Biogeography of the Biological Group at The Faculty of Science, The Faculty of Forestry and others contributed to the establishment of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia.

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Astronomical Observatory Belgrade

Logo astronomska opservatorijaIn the municipality of Zvezdara, in today Volgina Street, the object of particular importance for the development of astronomy, physics, meteorology and seismology in Serbia - Astronomical Observatory, is located,. It is at the highest altitude ( 248.6 m ) of the city and makes the highest point of Belgrade .
The establishment of the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade , one of the oldest scientific institution in Serbia and the only independent astronomical institutes in the former Yugoslavia , was established on 26 March (April 7 ) in 1887. The founding act of the Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory was signed by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs Milan Kujundzic. The establishment of the Observatory is the fruit of many years of struggle and efforts of Professor Milan Nedeljkovic, who was heading the Observatory of 26 March ( April 7 ) in 1887. to 30 January in 1924. year. During this period, work was carried out in a makeshift observatory in the rented family home Gajzler, and then Karadjordjev Park, in the former building of the Meteorological Observatory at which there is the small museum room dedicated to the beginnings of astronomy in Yugoslavia .


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Natural History Museum Belgrade


Logo prirodnjački muzejThe Natural History Museum in Belgrade is one of the oldest national institutions in Serbia. This is the only museum of its kind in Serbia, and the richness and diversity of specimens, as well as the achieved results in museology and science, make it one of the leading natural history museums in southeastern Europe. It was officially founded in 1895 as Jestastvenički muzej srpske zemlje (Natural Science Museum of Serbian Land).  

The temporary accommodation in several buildings hosts natural and cultural heritage comprised of 117 natural history collections with approximately 1.5 million specimens from Serbia, Balkan Peninsula and the World. The collections with the greatest number of specimens are: mineralogical, petrologic, collections of fossil and recent mollusks, insects, birds, mammals, as well as the General Herbarium of Balkan Peninsula. All these collections have outstanding scientific and museological value.



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University of Belgrade - Faculty of Forestry

Logo šumarski fakultet

Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade, has a tradition of 93 years, and is the oldest and highest educational and scientific institution in the field of forestry, technology, management and design of furniture and wood products, landscape architecture and horticulture and environmental engineering in the protection of land and water resources in Serbia. Faculty of Forestry belongs to a very important group Faculty of technical sciences, in which are also: Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Faculty of Transport, Faculty of technology and Metallurgy, Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade and Technical Faculty in Bor. Professional Faculty of Forestry staff consists of distinguished professors and renowned experts and researchers. Visiting professors from the region and the world also have lectuers at our Faculty. We are, also, organizing programs of international trade and specialization abroad, for our students. 



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University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mining and Geology

Logo rudarski fakultetFaculty of Mining and Geology is an educational and scientific institution within the University of Belgrade. It educates professionals in undergraduate, specialist, master's and doctoral studies. In addition to that it fosters knowledge innovation, professional education and development, as well as scientific research.
Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade is the only college in the country that trains engineers in two different areas: geology and mining. For years, our academic programs have been aligned with teaching programs of the world's most esteemed faculties and universities of the same or similar orientation. Our studies are multidisciplinary and specific – they prepare young students for a variety of tasks in practice and real life.

Today, Faculty of Mining and Geology meets the standards of modern higher education and gives young people the opportunity to get a great education for different positions within the mining and geological engineering profession thanks to excellent teachers, internationally recognized experts and by means of modern equipment and literature. Attending any of our courses in either Mining or Geology department opens up an ideal opportunity for those who love nature and the challenge to explore it.

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University of Belgrade - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Logo fakultet vereinarske medicineThe Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade is situated near the centre of the city at Bulevar oslobođenja 18, several hundred metres from the central Square Slavia towards Autokomanda Square, in the vicinity of Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry. When founded, some fifty years ago, it was located at the edge of the fast developing city. Recently, some steps towards its dislocation have been initiated.

Although the idea of founding the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine arose at the beginning of the twentieth century, the institution was established upon the Declaration of the Department of Education Act No 30281/36 in 1936 when it was named Veterinary Faculty of the University of Belgrade. On the 19th of August, 1936 first professors, mainly chosen among teachers of the Faculty of Medicine and/or Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, were elected to start the courses in accordance with the decision of the University Senate. The First Dean was Professor Živojin Đorđević, PhD. A total of 149 students were enrolled in 1936 Class, and the teaching was performed at the premises of the Faculty of Medicine.


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University of Belgrade - Faculty of Agruculture

Logo poljoprivredni fakultet
The great Serbian botanist Josif Pancic (1814-1888), was the first professor of Sciences about soil in the Great School in Belgrade and can be considered the founder of agricultural science. However, for the establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture the largest credit had professor Sima Lozanic (1847-1935), the first professor Agricultural chemistry and a rector of the University of Belgrade at that time. The great help and understanding on the establishment of the Faculty, Sima Lozanic had from Jovan Zujovic (1856-1939), geologists and petrologist, the Minister of Education, at that time.    
 The Faculty was established by the Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on the University on February 27th, 1905 ( '' Sl. Novine Kraljevine SHS '' no. 85, year I, 23 08. 1919). Immediately after the end of World War II, at the first meeting of the University Council, held on 28 March 1919, the rector of the Ministry of Education announced the act, in which he expressed a desire to open a Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Belgrade University - with two sections: agriculture and forestry. In remembrance of this day the Faculty marks March 28 - The Day of the Faculty.

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Society for research into the bilogy "Josif Pančić"

 Logo BID Josif PancicSociety of Biology students, in different organizational forms, have existed since 1955, when Research Society of Biology Students "Josif Pancic' was founded. The Biology students club was founded in 1966, and Biological research club "Josif Pancic'" in 1978. It later grew into a society which exists today. The activity of the society is voluntary, with the support of teachers and staff of the Faculty. Their work is based largely on those activities that are not sufficiently present in regular teaching process. The focus is on the field work, which ensures verification of acquired knowledge and makes it easier to acquire a new one. The society is not exclusively oriented just to biology students.

Speleological department of Belgrade

  Logo SOB Speleological department of Belgrade (SOB) - originally started working as a club called "Pecinarski odsek" in the form of a civil partnership and was relying primarily on now former, City Board Mountaineering Ski Association in Belgrade. Speleological department of Belgrade is now the oldest stil working caving organization in the country. It was formed on December 9th, 1960. During its work, Speleological department of Belgrade has not changed his seating and did not stop working at any time. So far, over 1000 people has passed the training at Speleological department of Belgrade. In the actions of SOB Belgrade, thanks to training and giving great attention to prevention, not a single accident ever happened.Speleological department of Belgrade, after many years of continuous operation and existence, finally changed its form of organization and grew, thanks to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, an independent organization.

Scouts "Miodrag Milovanovic - Lune"

Logo izviđački odredScouts " Miodrag Milovanovic" Lune were founded on June 16th, 1982.

We are working in municipalities of Zemun, Palilula and beyond because we have children from all parts of the city. We enroll children from 5-15 years old.

You can find information about us on " Facebook " in - Izvidjaci Lune, head of the unit is Dejan Pantic - Paja, phone number: 064-15-95-828.

Important skills that Scouts learn are: orientation on the map and in the nature, topography, exploring the flora and fauna, facilities, road signs, scout songs, outdoors and indoors games, pioneering, signaling, first aid and scout's sports .

Mountaineers Society "Železničar "

Logo planinarsko društvo ŽelezničarMountaineering Club " Železničar " was founded back in October, 1946. The first president was Baldo Svetličić. During the past 60 years, the company had 24 different administrations with the same number of presidents. Among them were many well-known names from the world of mountaineering . They all have left some less some more, indelible mark in the society, as well as mountaineering in Belgrade, Serbia and former Yugoslavia. During the past 60 years or more, the club had over 70,000 hikers. The club today has about 2,000 members per year and 32 active guides. For example in 2008 they performed about 300 trips with 8,000 participants. They have walked a total of over 4.000 km for about 1,800 hours.


Athletic club "Novi Beograd"

Logo atletski klub NBGDIt was formed on December 19th, 1968. at the inaugural meeting of the club. The club was incorporated on 20 December,1968. The initiative for the formation of the club was given by : Mrs. Koviljka Popovic , her husband Michael Popovic and Mr. Franjo Mihalic, leged Serbian athletics. Mr. Franjo Mihalic was the first coach of the Athletic Club of New Belgrade. Athletic Club Novi Beograd is recognized by good results of Serbian athletics in all competitions of the younger categories to senior competition. In recent years, the athletic school that nurtures Athletic Club Novi Beograd gave a lot of representatives to former Yugoslavia, now Serbia, such are: Nenad Loncar Jelena Petrovic, Nikolina ANGIREVIĆ, May JANJIĆ, Emir Bekrici, Mila Andric, Jelena ANĐELKOVIĆ, Milena STOIČEV , Katarina SIRMIĆ, Sara Savatović and others.




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Dental Practice "Gala Dent"


Logo GaladentDent Gala , Gala Style , Art Gala , Gala Smile!
The place to be and leave with a smile, just happy and go into new life's challenges! There you will meet sci Mirjana Milutinovic, owner of the practice and the creator of the brand Gala. She is the person to talk to, and she will meet all of your concerns and wishes about your smile and your appearance. She can plan the therapy for you that leads to the final solution. She is backed by a number of domestic and international diplomas in the field of cosmetic dentistry. With her 15 years of experience in private practice she responded to both large and small requirements of our clients, both domestic and from abroad. What we support in our work are : the quality , functionality , aesthetics and efficiency, of course!



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